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Why Risk Cover?

Risk cover entails life cover, Income Protection, Disability and Severe Illness. These four benefits are extremely important to ensure that your loved ones are not left in the dark should one of the events occur. This could range anything from a heart attack, cancer, stroke, loss of a limb or even a car accident can leave your loved-ones hanging. The questions that would arise - How much cover is needed? How do I ensure my family is looked after? How do I protect my loved ones?

Ensure that you have a Financial Plan (also known as a "Financial Needs Analysis" or "FNA") in place in order to ensure that you are well covered as per your needs. We also provide a service to businesses where we educate your employees on managing their personal finances. Below you will explore the types of benefits available to protect your wealth.



The most important priority is to have all your debt covered at your untimely death to ensure that your estate is not insolvent. The following debts and costs need to be considered:

  • Loss of family income (your salary)
  • Emergency Fund
  • Outstanding bonds on your property and any other debt
  • Education costs
  • Possible au-pair costs
  • Executors & Masters fees
  • Estate Duty


The second objective would be to identify the needs and/or shortfalls in the case of you becoming disabled. Consider the following:

  • Lump sum to cover medical expenses
  • Income protector to replace your salary in the event of temporary and/or permanent disability as you would not be able to work any more
  • Emergency Fund
  • Lump sum to cover all outstanding debt in the event of permanent disability
  • Provisions for any alterations to your property in order to adapt to the disability


Another important objective would be to consider the impact of a severe illness such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer etc. Consider the following:

  • Lump sum to cover medical expenses
  • Income protector to cover your salary in the event that you are unable to work because of the illness
  • Emergency Fund
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