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The company was formed in 1988 and in February 1998 Hercules became the Sole Director. Hercules was previously employed by the South African Revenue Services. (SARS) for a period of 10 years. During this period he was an assessor in the following departments:

  • Salaries and investment cases – (1986 to 1987)
  • Provisional taxpayers – (1988 to 1990)
  • Farming and partnerships – (1991 – 1992)
  • Companies – (1993 to 1995)

He worked in all the above departments, which assisted him in obtaining the necessary knowledge and expertise to advise you as best possible regarding your tax matters. During the above periods he also obtained various tax certificates, the only way to stay up to date with all the changes in the ACT.

As the company continued to expand, three other Companies were established as part of the group of Companies. The Group specialises in Taxation, Financial Planning, Company Consulting and Payroll. Through our connection with various Financial Institutes we are able to offer a number of preferred relationships with major financial suppliers, and we can offer our clients a complete range of services and products available in the market.

Our aim is to handle all individuals, companies and company employee’s tax, financial and payroll needs under one umbrella.

As a brokerage in the financial services industry, Nesher Investments is governed by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (FAIS) and Code of Conduct and we are regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB). This Act and Code of conduct sets the minimum standards for financial services providers in respect of how advice and intermediary services are provided to you. Nesher Investments is a licensed Financial Services Provider, license no. 14045. Our advisers are authorized to provide advice and intermediary services in the following categories:

  • Long-Term Insurance: Category A
  • Short-Term Insurance: Personal Lines
  • Long-Term Insurance: Category B1
  • Long-Term Insurance: Category B2
  • Long-Term Insurance: Category C
  • Short-Term Insurance: Commercial Lines
  • Participatory Interests in Collective Investment Schemes
  • Foreign Currency denominated Investment Instruments
  • Health Service Benefits

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Nesher Investments has entered into advisory agreements and is accredited with the following product suppliers:

Medical Aid FEDHEALTH Liberty Wealth Sanlam Momentum Life Momentum Health Discovery Life Discovery Health PPS OLDMUTUAL